It’s a “Postcode Lottery” for Internet Property Sellers

  • Posted on : 24th May 2018

Don’t let “Metal Mickey” ruin your house sale and cost you money with a clunky computer valuation of your property.  Many internet property platforms and websites use a basic algorithm (software) to value property simply based on “average” sale prices.  Many of them take no account of e.g. different house styles, flats, semis, villas, etc.  It only takes one poor sale price in your street to bring down the average for everyone.  (The computer does not know the seller in question spent nothing on their house for 50 years where as everyone else looks after their property impeccably).  These robotic results can produce unfortunate financial consequences for sellers.  So instead of putting your trust in “Metal Mickey” why not contact tried and trusted local real estate professionals Primrose & Gordon?  Our firm has over 2 centuries of experience in selling property in our area.

Primrose & Gordon, real people who know about real estate in Dumfries and Galloway.